Edouard Koehn (1839 - 1908) started his career as clockmaker to the court of the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, he was born in the atmosphere of high horological standards. Edouard Koehn got his training in the workshops of Patek Philippe as a watchmaker. In his 32 year tenure with Patek Phillippe, Edouard rose from watchmaker to managing partner. During his tenure at Patek Philippe, Edouard Koehn was responsible for the brand’s stellar growth in America as he undertook many trips there.

In 1859 he went to Geneva and studied some years at the school of horology before starting his career at a prestigious watchmaking Manufacture.
His skill and general ability made his progress rapid and he became one of the partners of the Company.

He undertook numerous trips, notably to North America, and was successful in interesting many firms in becoming agents for the watches of the Manufacture with which he was affiliated. His impressive personality and his technical knowledge earned him the trust of everyone he came into contact with.​ 

Edouard Koehn


In 1891, desiring more latitude in producing watches quite to his own judgement, he bought the establishment of the famous Danish watchmaker H. R. Ekegren, in the heart of Geneva.

He remodeled the Company using his Haute Horology skills and competed successfully with the best Geneva watch manufacturers.

Edouard Koehn choose to diversify the business, in addition to the production of chronometers, he started to design and manufacture extra-thin watches and master complications.